Latin Quarter Tour


Eating and Strolling in the Latin Quarter


2017 Tour Cost: 100 Euros per person (Meal is included in the price)

Tour is approximately 3 1/2 hours long

Tour begins at 11:45am

Group Size is Maximum 8 Clients

Tour operates Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday

Tour does not operate in August

The Latin Quarter Tour combines two restaurant stops, where we will eat an entree (appetizer) of charcuterie and a plat (Main Course),, and also a visit to a pastry shop for dessert. Plates are paired with appropriate wines at our first two stops .

Between restaurants, we will take in the sites and explain the history of the Latin Quarter and some of its famous inhabitants, and what makes this quarter of Paris so charming.

If you have a nut allergy of any kind, please let us know as there are potentially traces of nuts in all of the pastries at the pastry shop which we visit for dessert.

About The Latin Quarter

The Latin Quarter is a microcosm of what makes Paris so unique. Come see how two millenniums of Parisian history can coexist within a few city blocks!

Latin Quarter